LIVE Studio Tour: Solent University

CJP Broadcast is thrilled to be featured in LIVE Spring 2024 where they are showcased for their groundbreaking virtual production project at Solent University in Southampton. Completed in 2023 and scheduled to be integrated into the curriculum in 2024, this project signifies a substantial investment by the university in equipping students with state-of-the-art technology that will be integral to their future careers.

Christopher Woolford, technical instructor at Solent University, emphasises the collaborative nature of this addition to the facilities: “As there are so many aspects to virtual production, different courses have a great chance at working together”. He further states, “this cross-course collaboration is something we are really looking forward to seeing.”

CJP Broadcast’s feature highlights their expertise and contribution to the evolving XR landscape and underscores it’s prominent position in shaping the future of XR technology. Extended reality and virtual studios are galvanising the way we perceive and interact with content. From expanding the possibilities of entertainment to revolutionising industries like gaming, education and even medicine – XR’s immersive capabilities continue to push the boundaries of technology. And it’s not yet close to its final form.

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