Kingston University Virtual Production facilities

CJP’s Virtual Production Enhancement for Kingston University 

In an era where digital storytelling and innovation are paramount, Kingston University recognised the need to bolster its teaching and research capabilities within its moving image studios. Seeking to transcend traditional boundaries and foster creativity, the university embarked on a transformative journey with CJP Broadcast Service Solutions. Through a strategic partnership, CJP integrated state-of-the-art virtual production facilities into Kingston University’s existing infrastructure, paving the way for unparalleled opportunities in digital media education.  


Kingston University’s moving image studios at the Kingston School of Art served as vital resources for both researchers and students. However, they faced limitations in digital storytelling capabilities and experimentation with the existing facilities. The university sought to enhance its teaching and research environment by integrating advanced technology whilst staying within an affordable budget. 

Kingston University Virtual Production facilities


CJP Broadcast Service Solutions, renowned for its expertise in virtual production systems integration, undertook the project to upgrade Kingston University’s existing studios. The solution involved the integration of a comprehensive virtual production system into the green screen studios, with key components included: 

  • Mo-Sys VP Pro VFX: Utilising Unreal Engine, this system facilitated the creation of large-scale virtual models in real-time. 
  • Mo-Sys StarTracker Max: Ensured seamless camera tracking to synchronise real and virtual environments. 
  • Custom-Built PCs: Hosting StarTracker and VP Pro, equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GPUs tailored to the demands of virtual imaging. 
  • Blackmagic Design Switching and Recording: Provided essential switching and solid-state recording functionalities. 
  • 14U Mobile Flight Case: Ensured portability and ease of operation for the production system. 
Kingston University Virtual Production facilities

Through this implementation, CJP empowered Kingston University with cutting-edge functionality essential for innovative research and career development in the fields of film and photography.  

“Our moving image studios are a key resource for researchers and students across Kingston School of Art. The addition of this new virtual production system transforms our capacity for digital storytelling and experimentation and complements our new Immersive Lab running Unreal Engine. CJP was able to provide the latest functionality, with the equipment our staff and students will use to innovate in their research practice and careers.

Dr Shane O’Sullivan, Associate Professor and Head of Film and Photography at Kingston University


Kieran Phillips, Director of Sales and Marketing at CJP, highlighted the importance of continuous support and maintenance for such advanced systems. By integrating their equipment with an extended support package, CJP ensures uninterrupted functionality for Kingston University’s faculty and students. The inclusion of a support desk service further alleviates technical concerns, allowing technicians to focus on studio setup and facilitating a seamless learning experience. 

As CJP continues to specialise in providing comprehensive systems integration services for virtual production studios, mobile facilities, and educational institutions, Kingston University stands poised to leverage these advancements for ongoing innovation and skill development.  

The collaboration between CJP and Kingston University exemplifies a successful integration of advanced technology to enhance teaching, research, and creative endeavours within the academic setting, setting a benchmark for future advancements in digital media education.