CJP partners with Faceware for integrated solutions

Exclusive distribution in UK educational market 

CJP Broadcast Service Solutions, systems integration, production and content digitisation specialist, is now the exclusive provider of Faceware motion capture solutions for the education market. This is a booming sector, and CJP has already implemented Faceware technology in a number of universities. 

CJP is widely recognised as the leading video systems integrator for universities, and has recently been accepted as a registered supplier with NWUPC (North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium), providing a secured framework purchasing agreement and delivering quality and value as well as compliance with public sector procurement regulations. 

Recent installations, including the University of Sunderland and Nottingham Trent University, have included advanced motion capture facilities as part of their virtual production and games creation studios. CJP specified Faceware for its combination of optical and inertial technologies in facial capture, delivering the fine nuances of human expression and emotion into the computer-generated world. 

CJP is also an exclusive installer of Xsens body suits and software, and together with Faceware this provides a complete motion capture solution which is ready to use, stable and productive enough to meet the demands of intensive use by students, and practical and affordable for universities. 

“Collaborating with CJP Broadcast Service Solutions has been a strategic and rewarding endeavour. We at Faceware are proud to bring our cutting-edge motion capture solutions to the UK’s educational institutions. Our alliance with CJP ensures that the next generation of creative minds will be equipped with the best tools to push the boundaries of digital expression,” said Nick Jovic, VP Business Development for Faceware. 

“Britain is surging forward in the creative arts, and is seen as a world leader in movie and television production, as well as game design and implementation,” said Christopher Phillips, managing director of CJP Broadcast Service Solutions. “Maintaining a flow of new talent into the industry is vital for the nation, and universities are recognising this need by developing courses closely aligned with industry needs. 

“Our role is to realise the technology which will give their students the opportunities to find their specialisations and to hone their talents,” Phillips continued. “By forming partnerships with industry leaders, like Faceware, means we can be agile in delivering solutions, and supportive of the academic world by providing links all the way from emerging talent to product development. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Faceware, ensuring we deliver the environments in which students can flourish, cost-effectively and to time.” 

CJP is an independent systems integrator, and has strong partnerships with key suppliers including Mo-Sys, Xsens and others.

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