CJP Broadcast’s Live HD Sports Production System Powers Hereford FC Live Stream TV

Hereford, UK – Hereford Football Club has chosen CJP Broadcast as its technology and production partner for the 2020/21 season. CJP will be providing the club with the system, crewing, streaming platform and paywall. This will deliver a complete multicamera HD live sports production service to Bulls fans both home and abroad, as well as for the away fans for every home league fixture. CJP will also be covering all home cup fixtures for domestic fans only where the rights owner is not covering the games on terrestrial or satellite.

“This is a great opportunity for the club to extend its visibility and appeal which is especially important given the challenges imposed by Covid-19,” comments Hereford FC Chairman Andrew Graham. “CJP’s team of engineers and operators have proved their ability to capture the full excitement of sports matches cost efficiently. The quality of output is in a style that compares favourably with high budget sports outside broadcasts. Viewers will be able to watch Hereford’s live games streamed from the Edgar Street stadium, directly to their home TV sets, computers, tablets or smartphones. Hereford supporters will now be able to share Hereford matches with friends and relations not just within our core region but nationally and indeed globally. Edited highlights will be posted to YouTube for access anywhere, any time.”

“We have been providing live sports production and streaming services this year for football clubs throughout the football pyramid, which includes unique coverage of the world’s largest domestic cup semifinals and final,” adds CJP Broadcast Managing Director Chris Phillips. “I am delighted to say that we have agreed a contract with Hereford FC this season – not least because it is my home team.”

“We have pre-installed all necessary wiring onsite and will be taking to site for each home game a complete system including four remotely controlled cameras, two tripod-mounted HD cameras with high quality zoom lenses and a Streamstar iPX860 compact 4 RU ruggedised production unit. The Streamstar will be operated via a touchscreen monitor and also feed two auxiliary live-channel output display screens, one for the remote-camera operator and one for the Radio commentary team. Our Premier-League-experienced tight-head cameraman and wide-angle camera operator will be in constant comms with the producer via a four-channel talkback system, ensuring all action is covered to a professional standard. The live RTMP feed will be delivered over CJP Broadcast’s high quality streaming player via our subscription paywall partner applications.”

“Covid-19 restrictions continue to be the main catalyst driving clubs to look for alternative ways to gain revenue which they would have hitherto relied on from gate ticket sales. This requirement is needed to provide access for paying fans. It also satisfies clubs’ contracted obligations with their commercial partners. Our live animated graphics and in-game live replay capability provide the icing on the cake that will make for a viewing experience not seen outside the Premier League.”

Housed in a single chassis with main and redundant power supplies, the Streamstar iPX860 production unit offers a full range of professional features including multichannel ISO video recording with simultaneous replay, slomo, media playlists, pitch side sound FX, commentary and live sports graphics templates with dynamic control. Graphics features include character generation, still and animated overlays, logos and keying. The entire unit is controlled via a touchscreen user interface which is designed for ease of use and efficient production workflows. Top of the Streamstar iPX series, the 860 includes eight video input channels and six replay and record channels. Live streaming output is in H.264, providing 1080p HD at 10 megabits per second.

About CJP Broadcast
CJP Broadcast Service Solutions Limited (www.cjp-bss.co.uk) was established in 2011 to provide broadcast manufacturers and engineering companies with professional ITIL based service desk solutions. In 2016 the company expanded its portfolio to include digitisation of broadcast tape and film media for restoration of historical media archives into modern file-based formats. In 2018 CJP Broadcast expanded its operations further, providing live production solutions, professional broadcast TV studio system integration and technical support services.

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