Implementing a Ground-Breaking Virtual Studio for Solent University 

Solent University Southampton embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance its educational resources by transforming an existing studio space into a cutting-edge virtual production environment. The project aimed to provide students with access to state-of-the-art technology and professional-grade tools aligning academic learning with industry standards across various disciplines. 


Solent University faced the task of developing a versatile and high-performance virtual production environment capable of meeting the diverse requirements of students in fields ranging from film production to photography, theatre, and games design. The objective was to align academic curriculum with industry standards, providing students with practical, hands-on experience using professional-grade equipment and techniques. 


CJP Broadcast created a solution that boasts a comprehensive array of professional-grade tools.  

Central to this setup is a sizable LED volume measuring 10m x 3m, complemented by a 4m x 2m ceiling, featuring AOTO RM2.3mm and MxH3.7mm LED panels powered by Brompton processors. The studio also featured a multi-node Mo-Sys VP Pro XR server, leveraging the Unreal Engine to generate photorealistic virtual graphics. 

Key components of the studio also included the Red Komodo 6k camera with Sigma cinematic lenses, seamlessly integrated with the Mo-Sys StarTracker Max system for precise camera tracking in XYZ space. Additionally, the installation of Mimik lighting tiles facilitated dynamic lighting adjustments for seamless integration between real and virtual elements- particularly beneficial for film production students. 

The adoption of these technologies not only positions Solent University as a leader in immersive media production and research, but also offers students unparalleled opportunities for hands-on learning and skill development. 


The completion of the virtual production studio represents a significant milestone for Solent University, marking its commitment to providing students with a technologically advanced learning environment. With the studio set to become an integral part of the teaching program in 2024, students across various disciplines will have the opportunity to collaborate and explore the possibilities of virtual production.