CJP Broadcast Completes 4K Virtual Studio for University of Sunderland

Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, UK, August 17th, 2021 – CJP Broadcast announces the completion of a new 4KUHD virtual studio the University of Sunderland. The system includes a Mo-Sys StarTracker Studio with a camera tracking unit, wireless-linked handheld StarTracker Viewfinder and Cartoni JibO lightweight jib. CJP Broadcast has also provided and integrated a Kinoflow Diva Lite 401 LED lighting and a Zero 88 FLX S24 lighting control desk, plus high-grade green-screen walls and flooring. The studio itself has a 6 x 6 metre floor area and is 4 metres high.


















Installed at the university’s David Puttnam Media Centre, the new resource gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience in latest-generation virtual studio production techniques.
“The investment into our new virtual studio at the Media Centre opens up a whole new level of creative opportunities for students from across the faculty,” comments Professor Arabella Plouviez, Academic Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Creative Industries. “The green hue of the new space can be digitally manipulated into any kind of environment – real or imagined – for film, TV, animation or photography. It will enable our students to really innovate with technology still so new that the possibilities are still uncharted. This is an exciting new area for us to be leading in.”


















“Chroma key has long been a core element of our training courses,” details the university’s Senior TV Technician Craig Moore. “It is a production technique which has become increasingly useful in recent years, allowing broadcasters to achieve realistic graphic effects efficiently, affordably and with precise control. High quality processing is important given the very large number of television viewers now watching on large display screens.

“We chose StarTracker Studio because it gives us an all-in-one virtual production solution catering for broadcast multi camera and film-style scenarios as well as being ready for LED volume filming. Students today expect training in all those aspects. StarTracker Studio is a complete virtual production system built around the industry-standard StarTracker camera tracking system. StarTracker Studio is capable of far more than the virtual backgrounds traditionally associated with chroma key. As well as placing static or dynamic photorealistic scenes on the studio walls, it can superimpose photo-realistic 3D objects in front of presenters, creating any type of virtual production required.
























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