CJP Broadcast's Coverage of the UK Round of European Blind Football League

CJP Broadcast’s Coverage of the UK Round of European Blind Football League 

CJP Broadcast Services, a leading provider of live sports production, was chosen to provide multi-camera coverage of the UK round of the European Blind Football League (EBFL). The event, held at the Royal National College for the Blind’s leisure facility, thePoint4, on April 8th, 2023, aimed to showcase blind football and raise awareness of the positive impact the sport has on the players’ lives. With a commitment to promoting accessibility and engaging viewers, CJP Broadcast Services delivered an exceptional production, featuring live games, pitch-side interviews, commentary, and informative short films. 


The challenge for CJP Broadcast Services was to create a comprehensive and engaging coverage of the UK round of the European Blind Football League, highlighting the skill, bravery, and teamwork of the players while making the sport accessible to a global audience. Additionally, the coverage needed to raise awareness of blind football and the ongoing development of blind sports at the Royal National College for the Blind. 


CJP Broadcast Services approached the challenge with enthusiasm and a commitment to promoting blind football. They produced a full day of live European Blind Football, featuring a six-game fixture list and incorporating pitch-side interviews and commentary by BBC Sports Radio presenters. This approach provided viewers with valuable insights into the game and the experiences of the players. To enhance the coverage, CJP Broadcast Services produced a series of short films aired between the games. These films introduced viewers to the origins and rules of blind football, and included interviews with the England coach and players, sharing how the sport has impacted their lives. 

Additionally, CJP Broadcast Services played a crucial role in organizing the event’s sponsorship, with support from prominent sponsors, including Cube International, JVC Kenwood, Mo-Sys Engineering, and GB Labs, who recognised the significance of blind football and its impact on the community. Their sponsorship not only contributed to the success of the event but also provided a net positive financial donation to support the ongoing development of blind sports at the Royal National College for the Blind.  

“We are thrilled with the outstanding coverage provided by CJP Broadcast Services! Their passion, expertise, and dedication to promoting blind sport have exceeded our expectations. The way they approached the event with enthusiasm and professionalism was unparalleled. The coverage they delivered highlighted the incredible talent and resilience of our players to a global audience.

“We are immensely grateful for their partnership in raising awareness of blind football and the positive impact it has on the lives of our athletes. This coverage has opened new opportunities and brought invaluable support to the development of blind sports at the Royal National College for the Blind. We can’t thank CJP enough for their exceptional work, and we look forward to future collaborations that will continue to propel blind football into the spotlight!”

– Angela Cheasley, Communications Manager at the Royal National College for the Blind


CJP Broadcast Services’ coverage of the UK round of the European Blind Football League marked a significant step forward in promoting the sport. The multi-camera production, insightful commentary, and informative short films succeeded in displaying blind football’s remarkable talent and captivating nature. The coverage reached a wide audience, with viewers tuning in from around the world. The success of the coverage and the positive impact it had on viewers and participants alike highlight the potential for continued growth and development of blind football.   

“Our commitment to grassroots sports and higher education made it an easy decision to support and promote blind football alongside the College. Through collaboration with the RNC staff and students, we aimed to showcase the talent, bravery, and importance of blind football in empowering visually impaired individuals. Watching these completely blind players exhibit their skill and commitment is awe-inspiring, and we hope our program inspires wider participation and support for blind football.

“Our journey with the RNC and blind football has been uplifting. If our hard work encourages even one blind person to engage in the sport or prompts professional clubs to establish blind teams for the National League, it will all be worth it. Blind football deserves recognition, and we’re proud to contribute to raising awareness and fostering inclusivity through our production.”

– Chris Phillips, Founder and Managing Director of CJP Broadcast Services

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