A Winning Team: CJP and RNC’s Partnership in Promoting Blind Football 

The recent European Blind Football League tournament, hosted by The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC), showcased the incredible talent and dedication of the players, as well as the expertise of CJP in delivering a seamless broadcast. 

The tournament, a Champions League-style event, featured Europe’s top blind footballers from prestigious clubs such as Bondy Cécifoot Club (France), Cécifoot Charleroi (Belgium), Borussia Dortmund (Germany), Pirsos Thessaloniki (Greece), ASDD Roma (Italy), and the home team, RNC Hereford (England). More than just a competition, this event celebrates ability and inclusion on an international level. In addition to the thrilling matches on the field, spectators had the opportunity to engage in various activities aimed at experiencing sport from the perspective of blind and visually impaired individuals. Attendees could test their skills in the Speed Cage to see how fast they could kick a ball blindfolded, experience blind football safely within the confines of a 3 v 3 Inflatable, or participate in Partially Sighted Futsal while wearing simulation glasses to understand the challenges faced by visually impaired athletes. These activities provided an immersive experience and further emphasised the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in sports. 

Behind the scenes, the CJP team worked with RNC and the college’s IT department to overcome technical and logistical challenges. The meticulous preparation, including pre-recorded interviews with key figures like Lucja Wyrwantowicz, a student at RNC and player for the England Blind Football team, along with detailed graphics work and seamless integration of advertising and sponsorships, resulted in a dynamic and engaging coverage of the event. The live action was further enhanced by live updates on the championship table, as well as insightful pitch side interviews with our presenter David Wooldridge, who spoke with players, coaches, organisers, and special guests like National League Board member Joanie Roberts and Danny Hill an ex-Tottenham Hotspur player.  

Angela Cheasley, Communications Manager at RNC praised the team’s efforts: “I know how much hard work, dedication, and time went into this from floor manager Jon, and Louis, James Robert, Chris, and Kieran at CJP – the team put their heart and soul into this. It’s fantastic to see Blind Football getting this kind of professional coverage.” 

Adam Bendall, RNC’s Head Coach, emphasised the importance of the tournament in providing a platform for RNC’s talented young squad to gain international experience and showcase their skills and said, “Blind football is a fast-paced and exhilarating sport, and this event features some of Europe’s best players. We’re honoured to host this competition, welcome the public, and raise awareness for this incredible sport.” 

Adding to their recent achievements, RNC’s blind football team secured a victory in the National Blind Football League. This success further solidifies their position as a powerhouse team in blind football and sets the stage for their upcoming challenges, including the Brian Aaron’s Cup and the FA Disability Cup. Their remarkable performance exemplifies the dedication and spirit that define both RNC and their partnership with CJP. For the second consecutive year, CJP has delivered live coverage of the tournament, showcasing the talent and inclusivity of blind football. Together, they continue to inspire others to champion this incredible sport and the athletes who make it so thrilling to watch. 

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