Open Storage Solutions

Creative and Workflow Freedom

Free to choose your own creative toolset as well as a full set of RESTful APIs enabling you to support workflows to suit your needs.

Optimised for Digital Workflows

Designed for media and production environments. Redefines storage to maximize digital media performance that is equally suitable for deployment on-premise or in the cloud.


Start small and grow with non-disruptive, cost-effective scaling up to 5PB and beyond supporting hundreds of millions of assets.

  • EFS is a software defined ecosystem uniquely tailored for media centric environments which:
  • Presents a single namespace eliminating management of multiple storage volumes
  • Enables you to seamlessly add capacity – simply connect another storage node and EFS rebalances the distribution of data
  • Scales from single storage node to enterprise cluster
  • Delivers a combination of dedicated metadata servers, optimised metadata structure, and managed transactional intensity – every frame of every file is delivered on time, every time

Collaborative Media Workflow

Share collaborative projects and media with creative users working on-premise and in the cloud. Build the workflows you want on top of an open platform that integrates with industry-leading creative tools from Adobe®, Apple®, Avid®, Autodesk®, BlackMagic Design® and more.

Mix and match creative tools while enjoying project sharing and bin locking capabilities in a multi-collaboration environment.

Durable Architecture

Stay in control with a management console that allows you to adapt the distributed file system to your needs, whether it be a single server of a multi-node cluster. Seamlessly read and utilise parity or copy data from elsewhere in the cluster when a particular storage node is busy or unavailable, increasing performance and reliability with our SwiftRead technology.

Single Name Space

Scale as needed, while retaining a single namespace across tiered storage including nearline disk, SSD, and fast HDD options. Leverage an open platform that provides unprecedented scalability, optimised performance, and data protection. Additionally, with the EFS management console as the “brain” of the EFS technology stack, you can easily control user permissions, projects, security and administrative privileges.

Open APIs

Leverage the openly published RESTFul API’s for simple but powerful integration.

Easily accomplish automation of administrative tasks including user permissions, quotas, and projects, saving countless hours of administration.

Native Drivers

Experience increased bandwidth and reliability and reduce latency across the network. Optimised specifically for creative applications, EFS drivers are native for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and allow direct connectivity to storage resulting in superior performance while also supporting standard protocols like SMB, NFS, and AFP if needed.


Auditing is a crucial part of the EFS technology stack. Real-time analytics reveal every nuance of your valuable content’s journey, in real time. There is complete accountability over who did what, when, to which files and directories which is compliant with industry standards and security guidelines.

Writing and Playback of Files

Excel with a system that is optimised and tuned for the high performance, multi-stream video playback demands of post-production, and will maintain performance anywhere from many hundreds of streams of concurrent low-bitrate offline editorial streams to demanding multi-stream uncompressed 4K single-file per-frame workflows and beyond.

Cloud Native Solutions

EFSv is a cloud native solution that combines high performance storage, media management and remote workstations to extend video production to the cloud, while keeping you in control of your media and your cloud.

Built on Openness

Open platform with broad compatibility across creative tools for editing, audio mixing, and grading

Scalable Workflow

Enabling high-performance cloud storage and collaborative editing

Your Media, Your Cloud

Virtualised in AWS, Tencent Cloud, and other public and private cloud environments

FLOW Media Management

FLOW is a media management platform that supports and manages all types of media content, whether located on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid implementation.

Works with Any NLE

Use your tools of choice with full asset tracking and native drag-and-drop with no transcoding

Enabing Remote Production

Whether working at your desk, remotely connecting from your home, or working in the cloud, your media management suite is available to manage your production workflow

Easy to Deploy

Thousands of assets, scattered across multiple servers and USB devices throughout your facility. Recognise this picture? There is a smarter way.

Thousands of assets, scattered across multiple servers and USB devices throughout your facility. Recognize this picture? There is a smarter way.

FLOW is a media management platform that supports and manages all types of media content, whether located on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid implementation.

FLOW handles all of your media by indexing every file, centralising them and enabling easy access through a simple, efficient UI.